Area code 408 covers the southeastern portion of the San Francisco Bay Area, which is a section of the San Francisco Bay Area that is commonly referred to as the “South Bay.” Located within this section of the San Francisco Bay Area is a large chunk of the “Silicon Valley,” which is world-famous for being the home of many technology-related companies. The most-populated cities in the 408 area code are San Jose, Santa Clara, Los Gatos, Cupertino, and Gilroy. These cities are home to ethnically and economically diverse communities.

Silicon Valley and Beyond

Prior to the development of the technology industry in the region in the 1960s, most of the land in the 408 area code was used for agricultural purposes. The Santa Clara Valley, where “Silicon Valley” is now located, was once the largest fruit production and packing region in the world. Nowadays, the majority of the agricultural industry in the 408 area code is primarily centered in Gilroy, which is known as the Garlic Capital of the World because the company Gilroy Foods processes more garlic than any other factory in the world.

As for the technology industry, some of the world’s best-known technology-related companies are headquartered in the cities of San Jose, Santa Clara, Los Gatos, and Cupertino. These companies include Apple Incorporated, Adobe, Cisco Systems, TiVo, Netflicks, ImageShack, McAfee, and Intel.

Education is a large part of both Santa Clara’s and San Jose’s economies, and the cities are home to Santa Clara University and San Jose State University, respectively. The 408 area code is also home to a growing winemaking industry that falls within the Santa Clara Valley American Viticultural Area. With the large number of people living and working in the 408 area code, healthcare is also an important industry in the region, and there are a number of hospitals and other healthcare facilities in the 408 area code.

Living and Playing in the 408 Area Code

Just as the economy has rapidly changed over the past half-century, the demographics of the 408 area code have also rapidly changed since the development of the region’s technology industry began in the 1960s. Many cities boast larger Asian populations now than they have in the past, as more Asians immigrate to the United States to work in the technology industry in Silicon Valley. Several cities in the 408 area code are also attracting a large number of younger adults who move to the region because of the continual economic growth despite the relatively weak national economy and the infrastructure that exists in many cities to help them create start-up companies, which are predominantly web-based.

However, a few cities in the 408 area code are still predominantly inhabited by families, such as Gilroy and Los Gatos. Those two cities are also considered to be suburb communities to a certain extent, with many of their residents commuting to San Jose and other cities in the 408 area code for work. Therefore, it is not surprising that many of the attractions of Gilroy and Los Gatos are geared towards families and children, such as the Gilroy Gardens theme park and the annual Children's Christmas/Holidays Parade in Downtown Los Gatos.

The appeal of the cities of San Jose, Cupertino and Santa Clara do not mainly lie in their appeal to families and children because they do have more of a variety in terms of living arrangements and age groups. There are different attractions and events in these cities that appeal to a broader variety of people, including the technology-related museums and stores that are present in these three cities. Santa Clara and San Jose both have portions of their city devoted to a college town atmosphere due to the large number of young people attracted to the cities’ respective colleges. San Jose is the 408’s hub for sports, as it boasts several NCAA Division I college sports teams, three major league teams, and two minor league teams. Cupertino is full of young tech people from all over the world who moved there to work at one of the many technology companies in the city, and their diversity is reflected in the cultural events hosted by the city.

Lawyers Working In the 408 Area Code

The huge technology industry in the 408 area code has greatly influenced the legal industry in this section of California. Ever since the technology industry began to develop in the area in the 1960s, lawyers have become increasingly in demand, and more lawyers move to the 408 area code on a regular basis. Specifically, lawyers associated with intellectual property, primarily copyright, trade secret, and trademark lawyers, are present in large numbers in the 408 area code, as many technology-related companies place a high value on their brands and minor unique details that separate them from their competition.

Aside from intellectual property lawyers, there are many other lawyers practicing different areas of law, especially in San Jose because it is such a large city that a variety of different types of lawyers is essential to the smooth running of the city’s legal system. Gilroy’s agricultural industry provides business for a number of lawyers who deal with agriculture-related law, labor law, and business law. The high number of immigrants present in the “Silicon Valley” keeps the sizable group of immigration lawyers who practice in the 408 area code very busy with the amount of work it generates.

Additionally, the 408 area code’s group of lawyers continues to grow annually because of the presence of the Lincoln Law School of San Jose and the Santa Clara University College of Law. The size of law firms in the 408 code vary widely as well. In Gilroy, many of the firms tend to be small, and many lawyers working in the city are often solo practitioners. However, farther north in the San Jose metropolitan area, there are a number of larger law firms, though most of Silicon Valley’s largest law firms are located outside of the 408 area code, in the cities of Mountain View and Palo Alto. Of course, the cities of Santa Clara, San Jose, Cupertino, and Los Gatos are also home to mid- and smaller-sized firms in additional to the offices of many solo practitioners. locate Santa Clara County Lawyers fast with